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  1. Playtime747

    Oc 4.6 fan mod...

    Have my stock Aurora R4 OC TO 4.6 and my temps with the stock cooler was hitting 71C in prime95 and staying at 31C @ idle. I decided to add a Antec 120mm 3 speed fan as a pusher fan and now temps hit 60C and 25C @ idle. Here's a few pics... :cool:
  2. Playtime747

    New Motherboard? Or Video Card?

    I am up against a wall making this decision and want to get some feedback on what everyone else thinks. I am OC to 4.4 now and thought about getting another MB "Asus" for my Aurora so I can push this CPU even Higher. I am confident that I can get close to 5GHz with this CPU. Or, should I get...
  3. Playtime747

    Finally home!!!

    This is freaking awesome!!! I feel at home now being around so many other Alienware owners. I was getting tired of all the BS I was getting on other sites about Alienware. Anyway, Happy to be here and hope I can help out and learn something as well. I have been building and OC computers for over...