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  1. SuccubusAngel

    Laptop won't boot up windows without going into bios

    My computer has started doing this bizarre thing where it boots to an black screen with an cursor in the corner. i have to press f12 and select hard drive, once i get to windows boot up screen, its fine, i have run Alien autopsy and it says everything okay. its driving me crazy, i know what to...
  2. SuccubusAngel

    A question about the SSD Cache Drive

    hello, I just brought my first Alienware, an M14x Laptop. and It has an 750 GB drive wiht an 32 GB SSD cache drive. my question is do I need to Defrag the non SSD Drive, or do i need to use TRIM? its off by default, and i am afraid to run it. if i need an TRIM, any good program you can recommend?