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  1. SpyGirl85

    Aurora R4 ALX Power Supply Question

    What power supply comes with the Aurora R4 ALX? Are there different power supplies based on what you order? Say I only wanted to get the GTX 555 card and then wanted to upgrade to a higher end GTX 600 series card (or cards) later or only ordered it with one hard drive and will add more...
  2. SpyGirl85

    out of ports

    ok, my friend told me to get another router, so i will get a switch then.
  3. SpyGirl85

    out of ports

    Our router is out of ports in the back. How do we add more ports?
  4. SpyGirl85

    M14x Raffle Ideas

    I cracked my screen last month. I'll probably be in for one ticket. +1 for black.
  5. SpyGirl85

    Most used Windows Gadgets?

    Does the calculator count? lol :)