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    I am similar to you. I know how to play, I know where the pieces should be moved, but I know nothing about the opening and overall strategies. I wish I had more time to learn it.
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    Games based on movies

    Yeah, they haven't made good games based on movies. I don't really get into the type of games anyway. Some friends said that the games based on Harry Potter movies are worth to try, but I haven't tried them myself.
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    Windows 8 or Winblows 8 ?

    I have never tried Windows 8 myself. If it is not as good as Win 7, why have they developed and released it? It doesn't seem to be a progress.
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    Desktops or laptops

    I love both my desktop and laptop, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. :) I use my desktop as my primary computer though, and will use the laptop only when I have no access to the desktop.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Today is not a good time to spend a lot to celebrate Valentine's Day or other holidays. We just celebrated it by having a nice dinner at home. The wife and the kids loved it though.
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    Windows XP

    I think so. I am currently using Win 7 for my main computer (the Alienware, of course), but I am still using XP for my old desktop. I haven't tried Win 8 yet.
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    What makes Alienware so great?

    What do you think makes Alienware products so excellent? The fact that it is a subsidiary of Dell of course is a factor here, but what else?
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    Hello :)

    Hello :) I am new here but I love playing games and I have been using an Alienware for quite awhile. It's exciting to find other Alienware users and share our experiences with the products here. Thanks.