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    Can i use 760ti OEM power cable on stock 970?

    Hi, i bought a new 970 from Evga, not overclocked one, unfortunately power cables i got with gpu are not compatible with my R2. So my question is, if i can use stock power cable form 760ti? It shouldn't be a problem, since 970 draws less power, right? Thanks
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    R2 AlienFx controller not working, registry issue ?

    Hello, i having strange issue, that after right-clicking on AlienFx icon in right bottom corner of screen nothing happens, no context menu shows up as it should, for me its big pain in ass, ass i liked quick change option and mainly inactivity timer. Have anyone got any idea what could be a...
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    Everything i need, to install SSD in X51 R2

    Yeah good question i wondering too, as if yes then it would be basically plug and play for us. Shame the SSDs are still so expensive-i would take one 3,5 inch 1TB SSD over 2,5 inch combo lets say 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD any day of week. 1TB is enough for me.
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    Dualshock 3 via R2 built-in bluetooth ?

    I also wondering, if it is somehow possible to pair a ps3 controller with factory built-in bluetooth. I havent been successful yet a i dont know why, as my drivers should be up to date...
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    Everything i need, to install SSD in X51 R2

    Ok, i will try that asap, hope i will be successful, thank you for help guys.
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    Everything i need, to install SSD in X51 R2

    Hello, i am here for some suggestions, the thing is that i planning to buy X51 R2 with 2TB HDD, which i would like to replace with SSD+HDD combination-like OEM 2,5+ 2,5 in dual bracket. My question is, what kind of components will i need in order to do this ? I dont know if a cables are...