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    Create wmp playlist on flash drive?

    I know this is pretty stupid but my new car has a USB connection and will play albums, songs, or playlist. I put a bunch of albums on the USB and they play but it would be nice to choose from playlist. I know how to make a wmp playlist for computer but how do I put it on a USB? I appreciate...
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    Alienware software framework error

    I recently began getting Microsoft errors. When they pop up you can hit continue or cancel but they prevent using Explorer or Chrome. In details alien fx was mentioned as the problem. As a result I went to msconfig startup and unchecked the Alienware required software from auto...
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    Alienware fx question

    Posted in wrong forum sorry Meant to post in x51 forum - sorry. 2
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    Wireless Keyboard & Mouse?

    Hi! I'm a brand new x51 owner and thrilled to find this forum. I am having a problem with my x51 windows 7 using a wireless keyboard. I have a cheap Modtek 2.4 gHz keyboard and dongle. It works fine when I set it up and continues to work when I unplug the wired keyboard however when I do a...