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    Sharing wifi with phone

    I've noticed that some people who come over to the house and want to use the wifi on their phone I need to give them the guest password and some just the pre-shared key. My wife's iPhone accepted the PSK number and worked beautifully. Someone else's phone can't connect and needs the Networks...
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    Fault-tolerance/redundancy for home wi-fi?

    I'm looking for a way to broadcast my home wi-fi network in multiple parts of the house in order to increase signal range. Rather than set up some sort of signal relay system, I'd like to use multiple routers to broadcast the same wireless network from locations near opposite ends of the area...
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    Air pollution monitoring using WSN

    I want to create a system which will be monitoring the environmental air condition. i want to monitor Carbon monoxide(Co), dust and Sulphur dioxide(SO2). What are the key components which I should have? Anyone with sample circuits pls!.
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    Error 0xC1900101-0x30018 with Windows 8.1 Update

    users are having problems with the error code 0xC1900101 - 0x30018 when installing Windows 8.1. This error is typically caused by an incompatible driver. So make sure that you have already updated all of your drivers. I've read somewhere that the error has been solved after running the...
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    Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

    In this thread, I will introduce some keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows logo key Press It will Windows logo key* Display or hide the Start screen Windows logo...