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    Alienware Pins

    Howard on Big Bang Theory wears Alienware pins every episode. I cannot find these pins anywhere. Anyone have any idea where you can buy them?
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    Loud fans while playing COD

    The past few weeks when I play COD my fans turn over - loudly. It's a bit hotter in my home office during the summer, a bit more humid... SHould I be concerned?
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    LOL - tower lit up

    So I just grabbed my new computer to move it a little bit and I grabbed it from behind where all the cords plus in... And suddenly the entire back of the tower lit up. Turns out there's a light back there. Just cracked me up...
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    Max temp?

    Okay, when playing COD at full speed.... What should the max temp be? Is 60c too high? Keep in mind this is a brand new box...
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    Nu To Alienware! Greetings

    My name is Richard, and I am brand new to Alienware. I work from home, am self employed, but am a rather agressive with computers. For a while now I've had one PC and then a second touchscreen on my desk here to run email - I am a heavy email user. When I really get cooking I like having...
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    Multiple Monitors

    (First post!) I got my Aurora R4 on Monday and I am looking to hook up some other monitors. I'm running Win7 64 bit Intel Core i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60 GHZ with with 16 GB of RAM and Dual AMD Radeon HD 7800. The back of my video card looks like.... But there are two cards, so I have...