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    X51 R2 960, 970, 980 and now 1080

    Well...a lot of people ask if the X51 R2 and R3 can handle the big boy cards...well the answer is yes. My X51 came with a GTX 960...a week later I threw a GTX 970 in there. About 4 months after that I got myself a GTX 980...and yesterday...I purchased the GTX 1080. Every card I benchmarked and...
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    *Someone with a X51 R3 6700k please confirm*

    If you have a X51 R3 would you please let me know if you can overclock the CPU via BIOS or Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility. Or does Alienware lock you out completely? Are the multipliers unlocked? Thank you in advance.
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    X51 R2 CPU Cooler Upgrade and GTX 970 Success ** Update Air Shroud**

    My X51 came on Aug. 21st and was very happy with the whole process... I told Dell what I wanted and they made it happen...pretty good discount as well but I think it was because they were trying to push all the R2's out to make room for the r3's. My system (when purchased): i7 4790...16GB...