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    GTX760 in my X51

    nice. What are your temps under load?
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    XPS 8500 or Alienware X51?

    I'm not sure where you're getting the info from but when I looked at the site the $900 model (they don't have a $950) has a gtx 745 4gb. The difference between an i7 and i5 processor is pretty minimal when it comes to gaming so you should just go for the i5. THe XPS 8500 says that it isn't...
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    How to install SSD into X51

    What do you mean by fresh installing? I'm going to be disconnecting my HDD then inserting the windows usb they give me. After it downloads Windows it should be fine to plug the HDD back in and be done with everything right?
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    How to install SSD into X51

    Is the OS disk the Resource DVD that came with the computer? I didn't receive any disks saying Windows or anything like that.
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    Installing an SSD as a Secondary Drive

    Hi I recently bought a samsung SSD along with the cables needed to install it along with the original HDD that came with my x51. I've decided that I'll try to make the installation as simple as possible (I'm no genius when it comes to computers and I don't want to mess anything up.) by just...