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    Help on upgrading GPU....

    Glad to help
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    Help on upgrading GPU....

    No adapters needed. This card takes power from the PCI e slot. So it's extremely easy!
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    Help on upgrading GPU....

    I've been able to run everything in ultra so far I average 40-70 FPS on games like battlefield 4. This is the exact card I bought.
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    Help on upgrading GPU....

    That's the same card I put in my x51 about 3 weeks ago and it's worked flawlessly. The nice thing about the evga is that is has a standard size hdmi. I've never used a gtx 660 so I'm not sure if it warrants upgrade. It's hard to beat that card for 150 though. I should mention that I am only...
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    NVIDIA graphics problems after update to WIN 8.1

    Glad you figured it out. I can't even get 8.1 to work on my x51
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    750 Ti (Zotac) in Alienware X51 R1

    My evga 750 ti had a standard size hdmi and works perfectly with the 240 watt supply.
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    GTX 645 (oem)

    This card was used in my alienware x51 for 3 days until I upgraded. Asking 80$ shipped.
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    EVGA GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB

    I just ordered this card and I was wondering which BIOS are you running? I am set to A04 and hoping there won't be any install issues.