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    For sale ,m17x r4 , i7 3820QM , GTX675m

    First offer : 800 Pounds plus shipping to India. List on ebay if interested.
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    ALIENWARE M17x R4 (only 1200!)

    Hi awaiting your revertal. I will take this for 1200 USD plus shipping to India at my cost. Just lost on ebay and send me a link, I can pay through Paypal linked to my Intl Credit card.
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    ALIENWARE M17x R4 (only 1200!)

    I will take it if you can list on ebay and ship to India(will pay for the extra shipping) I presume its 1920 x 1080 HD resolution display and everything scratchless in perfect working condition?
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    ALIENWARE M17x R4 (only 1200!)

    Could you please mail me detailed specs if this is still available? niceguy1430 at hotmail dot com. In particular the resolution of the display and whether 7970 is 2GB crossfire or 1GB. Planning to have someone in the US pick it up for me if possible. Is the price negotiable? Possible for you...