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    WTB: M14x R2 original box (willing to pay $$$)

    Cousin always wanted an Alienware so my family decides to give him my M14x R2 as a present. But I trashed the original packaging! I'm willing to pay for the box and all other packaging. Shipping to 48167 Michigan USA. Let me know how much are you looking for. Thanks.
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    WTS: M14x R2 i7-3740qm, 16gb, GT650m 2gb, 512gb SSD w/ warranty (USA)

    I recently bought this from my cousin, just to realize this is way beyond what I need for school/minor gaming. Not sure where to sell, I took my cousin's advice and try to sell it here. First timer, so feel free to shoot me a text if I'm missing out anything. This thing loads windows less...