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  1. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Make Offer:Alienware 17 R2 (Optional Graphics Amplifier W/ GTX 980 Ti

    ++++Alienware 17 R2, Prestine Condition++++ Intel I7 4710 Hq 16 GB G.Skill RAM (2) 512GB SSD Nvidia GTX 970M -Will Ship in Original Boxes (Alienware 17, and Graphics Amplifier. Graphics Card will be installed in Amp- Optional Alienware Graphics Amplifier With EVGA GTX 980 Ti Superclock ACX 2.0...
  2. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Install Alienware Hive OS on Alienware 13/15/17

    Want to install the Alienware Alpha Hivemind OS on your Windows PC? Download it here. Go to Your Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE HARDWARE DESCRIPTION SYSTEM BIOS Edit: SYSTEMPRODUCTNAME to Read...
  3. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Alienware 17 R2 With A.G.A. GTX-980Ti

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this because there is no Alienware Setup Thread, so I just put it here. I think we need a setup thread.
  4. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Amplifier Ordered! What GPU?

    As the title states..... I have ordered my Alienware Amplifier, now the tough part comes in! What GPU to buy. Money is not an issue, so I literally can buy ANY GPU. What are your suggestion? Thanks. J. .
  5. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Alienware 17 R2 ++Like New Condition++ Dual 512GB SSD's / GTX-970M

    Make me a REASONABLE Offer...Please don't make stupid offers..Reasonable offer is above $1000.00 Model: Alienware 17 R2 Processor: Intel Core 4th Generation i7-4710HQ Processor 2.5GHz Base Frequency (Quad-Core, 6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz Turbo) OS: Windows 8.1 Home x64 This computer will...
  6. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Windows won't install on new SSD

    I rarely ask for help. I am always the one to help others, but this time I need help. I have tried everything and can not get windows to install on my Alienware M11x R2. I installed a new 512GB SSD, but windows will not install. Windows loads files, and then the PC reboots. The only OS I can...
  7. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Graphics Amplifier

    Does anyone here own the Alienware 17 R2 with Graphics Amplifier? I am thinking of using my Dell Rewards towards purchasing the Graphics Amplifier.
  8. Alienware_ALX_R4


    Hello Fellow Alien Owners! I wanted to post a link here to the Alieneware Owners Facebook Page. I took it upon myself to create this page, as I am a HUGE Alienware Fan. The page already about 350 Likes...I would love to see more. Please check the Page out.
  9. Alienware_ALX_R4

    For sale evga gtx 970 sc , brand new, opened box.

    I am wanting to sell my EVGA GTX-970 SC., Brand New. I originally was going to SLI (2) GTX-970's, but decided to get dual 980's instead. I was going to step up this 970 to a 980 but EVGA will not step this up to a SuperClocked to match my 2 other Cards. This has never been used at all. I just...
  10. Alienware_ALX_R4

    The New Alienware 17 R2 Overview With Firestrike Benchmark! .
  11. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Firestrike Results are in for the Alienware 17 R2!! (1st Run)

    This is my first run of 3dmark, stock, no O.C.
  12. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Purchased Alienware M11x ($250.00 USD)

    I could not pass up this offer! One of my buddies I game with sold me his prestine M11x R2 for 250.00 USD. He bought it and never used it much at all. It sat in the closet in the box for over a year! Another Happy owner! This will compliment my Alienware 17 that I have on order[emoji89] .
  13. Alienware_ALX_R4

    The "New" Alienware 17 on Order.

    The "New" Alienware 17 on Order. After Selling my 17 a few Months ago I started to mss it..So I just Ordered this!![emoji89] I will upgrade the RAM to 16GB, and add a 500 GB SSD on my own.[emoji89] 8GB Dual Channel DDR3L 1600MHz 1NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 970M with 3GB 11TB 5400rpm...
  14. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Goodbye Alienware Owners.

    Hey Guys and Gals. It's been my pleasure being around here for a while. I gave gotten some good tips and Advice from you all. I recently sold my Alienware Aurora ALX, and My Alienware 17, and moved on to A Xidax PC. My Alien's have been nothing but good to me, and I will always keep them near my...
  15. Alienware_ALX_R4

    PowerColor Devil 13 Dual Core AXR9 290X

    As soon as I sell my Alienware 17, and my GTX-780's, I am going to buy this card and put it in my Aurora ALX R4. I hope my Power Supply is enough... PowerColor Devil 13 Dual Core AXR9 290X
  16. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Fs...alienware 17 amd m290x, 16gb ram, (2) 500gb ssd raid 0

    I have this listed on Ebay, but wanted to list it here. This machine is in Excellent Condition!!! STARTING AT $1200.00 USD!!!
  17. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Cpu pump fail

    this is what i am getting on my screen, but the pc is running normaly. Any ideas?
  18. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Dolby® Home Theater® v4 software, Where can I find it?

    I bought 2 new SSD's for my Alienware 17, and when I started to re-install everything, I could not find the Dolby® Home Theater® v4 software that came installed on the PC. Does anyone know where I can find this Software to re-install it? Thank you for your time.
  19. Alienware_ALX_R4

    Returning Alienware 17 for Alienware 18

    I bought an Alienware 17, and started to have issue with the AMD Video Card. I am returning it, and going to get the Alienware 18 instead. Does anyone own the Alienware 18 with GTX 860M in SLI? If so, how does it perform for you? Thank You.
  20. Alienware_ALX_R4

    New alienware 17 owner

    Yesterday I decided to order an Alienware 17 to compliment my Alienware Aurora ALX R4. I ordered (2x) 500GB Samsung EVO SSD's to install on my own. Alienware 17 Anodized Aluminum 16GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz AMD Radeon R9 M290X with 4GB GDDR5 WLAN Killer 1202 Driver 500GB...