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  1. Knoxtane

    Antivirus anti-malware program

    I use Bitdefender premium. it was like $20/year. 5 Devices. I went to best-buy and bought the box, they had it on sale it was the "2019" version but once installed and activated it upgraded to the 2021 version of "Bitdefender total security" currently on-sale for $44.99...
  2. Knoxtane

    I finally bought an X51

    ◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ INFORMATION ◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ I finally purchased an X51 off of Ebay for pretty cheap. $360.00 USD. This unit specifically is older (2012/2013) release but I purchased this one because the side panels and overall cosmetic appearance of the case looks as if it's BRAND NEW...
  3. Alienownersabstractlight1080.png


    1920x1080 Alienowners wallpaper made by sk.emprye 8.16.21
  4. Alienownersabstract1080.png


    1920x1080 Alienowners made by sk.empyre 8.16.21
  5. Knoxtane

    WANT X51 i7, GTX 960 4GB.

    I'm wanting to BUY an X51 with an i7 and GTX 960 4GB Model. Feel free to reply here if interested.
  6. Knoxtane

    New Forum Style

    Awesome stuff! Any chance AWO wants it's own custom logos?
  7. Knoxtane

    Purchased Alienware Aurora R7

    I currently have the ASUS VG245H Monitor. Size: 24" (inches) Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Resolution: 1920x1080 Refresh Rate: 75Hz Response time: 1ms.
  8. Knoxtane

    Willing to help design.

    I can use photoshop to take the current orange alienware head and make it so the forum icons NEW (unread) will be colored and take that same logo and make it greyed out so forum icons will be read (no new posts). I can also make a few other things, just ask.
  9. Knoxtane

    Purchased Alienware Aurora R7

    As the title says, I purchased my first Alienware PC, the Alienware Aurora R7. I ordered it in California even though I live in Florida at the moment, I have a family member picking it up from BestBuy, will be able to unbox and play it July 5th. SPECS Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.2GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM...
  10. Knoxtane

    X51 R3, yes or no?

    @SWAT_Glock Still wanting to sell your X51? I'm willing to purchase it or trade it for my current PC. i5-4690K, stock cooler. 16GB DDR3 1TB HDD + 120 GB SSD GTX 970 4GB
  11. Knoxtane

    Finally upgraded my PC.

    I finally upgraded my PC!! I won't have to for a few years now. OLD SPECS CPU: AMD-FX6300 @ 3.5GHz. GPU: GTX 750Ti 2GB OC Edition. RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz G.Skill Ripjaws. MOBO: MSI 970A G-46 AM3+. STORAGE: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue HDD. PSU: Thermaltake 750w 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular. CASE...
  12. Knoxtane

    X51 R3, yes or no?

    @SWAT_Glock Well I currently don't have a job but am in process of getting my old one back. I planned to buy the Lenovo Y900 Desktop and just swapping some parts out. So if you feel you should sell it now then please do so. I will also only be spending around $899+TAX for the Lenovo system.
  13. Knoxtane

    X51 R3, yes or no?

    GTX 960? or GTX 970? How much are you thinking of selling it for?
  14. Knoxtane

    X51 R3, yes or no?

    Request thread deletion. :)
  15. Knoxtane

    Command center doesn't work

    Well, I've never owned an Alienware so I'm not too sure on AWCC or how it works. have you tried running the set-up and the executable as "Administrator" yet?
  16. Knoxtane

    Command center doesn't work

    Well, you can check by going into Control Panel -> System and Security -> System Look where it says "System Type:" Then see if it says 64-bit or 32-bit.
  17. Knoxtane

    Command center doesn't work

    Make sure it's 32-bit version, also make sure it's compatible with your laptop.
  18. Knoxtane

    Alienware x51 R3 - cooling system

    Correct! If you have that, then you are water-cooled. This is air-cooled, has a fan and heat-sink.
  19. Knoxtane

    Alienware x51 R3 - cooling system

    Take the screw out of the left side panel, carefully slide it off so you dont rip the lighting cable and see if you have a fan or water cooler
  20. Knoxtane

    X51 R3, yes or no?

    So many of you know me and know that I do not own an Alienware (yet). Well, I'm wondering if I should buy the X51 R3 with a GTX 970, i5-6600K, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD. I'm more than capable of "Fixing" a problem with a computer but I'm worried that if I purchase one I might have to send...