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  1. 8*sectorb6

    Please post here if you get any updates for Meltdown/Spectre

    Waiting for Dell new Bios motherboard and intel chipset.. To address these newest threats redacted skyfall reference- it appears these new exploits were similar to the named James bond Hacking with those to movies. If you're...
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    Alienware power supplies 460 v 850

    I'm looking at a system New Aurora i5 8400 with gtx 1070 But only power option in 850..which is more than I need. Except the price for system is very good. Most reviews I have seen Fault the power supply As Noisy I am wondering is the 850 as noisy as the 460 or more? would having the...
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    thinking about GTX 960

    Hi One of my older X51 r2 needs a new GPU it now has the gtx 760 oem 1.5 gig. I have located a new Blower type GTX 960 2 gig model.. I know this is am older model its 9.5 inches long so that's a plus. I have seen mamy here go for 1050 1060 mini NON Blower models.. I just don't feel that's...
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    read write speed M.2 PCIe SSD ?

    anyone with the r6 Aurora know the read / write speed? thanks
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    Is your 1060 VR ready

    Hi my RX470 has been really good. I have 13k in 3dmark11 and here is my vr ready marks from steam VR test. Thinking about getting a rx 480 or gtx 1060 for another x51 system I have. so looking for 1060 3dmark 11 and steam VR ready results from 1060 owners Thanks edit for those not logged in
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    Anyone running 4k or 1440p

    Just wondering is anyone is running PC games with x51 at 4k or 1440p If so what GPU and games .. Thanks
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    Good news for AMD gpu's

    If your considering a new GPU upgraded. I love my RX 470 Latest info on major Graphics card drivers.. I watch all.. but u can skip to 8. min mark. But if u like, watch it all. more info...
  8. 8*sectorb6

    Graphics cards With/Backing plate?

    Hi, Some video cards have an added "backing plate". I would like to know if these types of cards will fit in the Alienware x51 (caddy) without adding difficulty to installation. Thanks for any input.
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    Microsoft store has Alienware 15 Touch Signature Edition Gaming Laptop

    On sale- maybe this may interest some.
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    My RX470 OC 4gb

    So far pretty good. What I've experienced so far. Good performance- easy install- low power. GPU z reports power draw from Power supply and PCI-e slot.. so my earlier concerns where ill founded(no problem here). Current beta drivers have an issue, sometimes show 100% GPU use, while computer...
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    installed Sapphire RX 470 4gb

    I got tired of waiting for a MSRP or even a good priced IN Stock 480. Paid $200 @ the egg. As I write this I see it's Idle temp 39.0 c fan speed 19%- 708 rpm GPU load 2% GPU only power draw- 9.3- 10.3W mem usage 23mb VDDX 0.8000v I play 6 games in Armored Warfare -SD install( not the HD...
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    X51 replacement info..

    This looks awesome: Skip first 4mins to get to info.. I still love my 2 X51-- but this will make upgrading Much easier in future..
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    ATI 480 -updates

    Hi here's some info: A single six-pin PCI connector powers the RX 480. The PCB the graphics processor rests on is not large, but the cooling shroud extends beyond it, increasing the length of the card to about eight and a half inches. It’s also almost four inches wide, and about 1.3 inches tall...
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    Have you seen this new Alienware

    Dell site has this- Not sure if it's new- haven't been there in awhile- But These look Awesome!!!
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    X51R2 ssd upgrade help needed..plz

    Hello fellow Aliens. I have been trying without success to replace my Single HD(OEM) with a brand new San disk SSD. I was able to remove the old drive and place a SSD in the original caddy With adapter. I down loaded Microsoft media creation tool For win10 home 64 bit. (On separate computer)...
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    Adding SSD can I

    Can I use a caddy(convert to 2.5) to convert existing HD bay and use only the existing Sata and power cables that the original HD is now using. Please note I will not be using the original HD after this setup. Thanks I think I need to do a clean install of windows 10, as I now have random...
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    Getting ready for Win 10

    What are your plans. These machines came with a win 8. I've updated mine to 8.1. I wonder though about the restore sector. If we have to use it, will it still work after this win10 update? I've we need to restore Because of system failure-will Dells restore work? And what about Dells Assist...
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    Random restarts

    Hi my x51 r2 i5 760 oem 8 gig win 8.1 has started to random reboot, sometimes rapidly and others 1 or 2 quick power off.on..then starts. I have done the long test with dell diagnostic prg,,,No problems found. I have updated NVidia drivers still happens.. any ideas? Thanks
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    Weak WiFi Signal

    Hello I have a X51 i7 gtx 760 ti . My Wifi card seems very weak/ this straight from dell. I am lucky to see 1 bar. My other older X51 I5 760 oem has excellent signal strength. They are Side by side. I have moved the weak one improvement. any suggestions? It is still under...
  20. 8*sectorb6

    Some questions

    so..Can this play any game on steam? I like eve online and World of Tanks(PC version) - these would need mouse and keyboard support. I see that alpha does that. How is it as a PC..does windows Defender work as antivirus...Is it a secure web browser? Does the OS update the same as desktop...