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  1. MattyB

    how to setup raid zero on alienware area51 r6 threadripper?

    Sorry, I have zero experience with these desktops so I'm limited to Google searches on this one. I believe the BIOS is set to RAID by default though so it may just have to be setup with some third party software. A BIOS can be set to RAID even when RAID isn't being used, it just allows the...
  2. MattyB

    X51 R2 - Unique parts help

    @Parmageddon the RTC would be the Real Time Clock, which is powered by the CMOS battery. Since the system has been powered down for a long period, the BIOS would have lost it's settings. I'm guessing that when you powered it back on with the power adapter it recovered its settings. A lot of the...
  3. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    If it's a 17 R4 then it was released with Win10.
  4. MattyB

    Alienware M17x R4 - 1 beep error code: SOLVED

    Glad you got it working! Yeah the old NBR link is now dead since the forum closed down but all the steps are in this thread. Thanks for summing it up in your post though. Hopefully it can help out a few other people. I have updated the earlier post with a new link for that old NBR thread which...
  5. MattyB

    RAM Options

    Hello, no unfortunately you can't. It has to be 1.35V DDR3L memory. The good thing is that DDR3L comes in 1866Ghz and 2133Ghz so you can go beyond 1600Mhz. The older generation is upwards compatible from DDR3 to DDR3L but the 14, 17 and 18 isn't backwards compatible.
  6. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    Flash at your own risk though. Sometimes a bad vBIOS flash will brick the GPU and that spells trouble for BGA machines. I'd only suggest it as a last resort, and again, I have never flashed a BGA GPU. Here are a list of vBIOS' for the GTX 1070 (I believe that is what you said you had)...
  7. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    I know how to do it on the older laptops with MXM cards. Some of the laptops with soldered chips don't allow for a vBIOS flash and the system BIOS updates would fix certain issues. I think you should be able to though with yours. To flash a vBIOS in Windows you need to download NVFlash and the...
  8. MattyB

    Integrated graphics only?

    I have no experience with Linux. In Windows you could try disabling the GPU in Device Manager but I have no idea how or if you can do this in Linux. If you are dual booting then you could try disabling it in Windows and see if it's still disabled in Linux. I really have no idea though sorry.
  9. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    Windows will automatically search for the display driver and install it. You will have to see what happens once this is installed. Hopefully you just had a bad driver installed but if it continues then your probably have a hardware issue. There is also the slim possibility that reflashing the...
  10. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    Safe mode removes many of the non-essential drivers, including the graphics driver. There can often be a hardware issue with the GPU and it's only when the driver is installed that it starts playing up.
  11. MattyB

    Aurora R4 parts

    Hello. A few guys on our Alienware Discord server may have some parts for you, or ebay is your other bet. Here is a link for Discord if you want to ask there.
  12. MattyB

    Alienware Area 51 X58 Lighting is not Functioning ?

    Sorry, I'm no help with this one. @Cass-Olé will be your best bet if he sees this post. If you like you can join our Discord Server. Cass is also in there along with a few other guys.
  13. MattyB

    alienware aurora R8 error 2000-0716

    The only thing I can see online is that the error means that Support Assist has detected a failing component and it seems that most of the time its the front I/O cable. Just make sure this is connected properly or isn't damaged.
  14. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    1mm is usually about right but if you get 1.5 then it won't make much difference. 2mm would start getting a little thick. You can stack them so you could get a sheet of 0.5 and 1.
  15. MattyB

    New SSD msata for M14x R2

    The BIOS shouldn't change unless you leave the CMOS battery out for an extended period or if the CMOS battery fails. Then the BIOS usually sets itself back to default. If you have Windows 10 installed then the key is saved on the motherboard. When you reinstall Windows it will automatically...
  16. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    I have a bunch of faulty MXM GPU's and I'd love to know how to diagnose the issues and replace a resistor or vRAM chip or whatever they need. I have lots of old motherboards too that probably need an 'easy' fix if I knew how to find and replace the bad component. I love fixing things too but...
  17. MattyB

    New SSD msata for M14x R2

    No worries. Let me know if you have any issues getting it to work. If the old drive was set up as your OS drive then you shouldn't have any issues. I'd suggest to do a clean Windows installation using a USB drive and the Microsoft Media Creation Tool rather than cloning your old drive but it's...
  18. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    I wish I had even basic soldering skills. I need to teach myself one of these days.
  19. MattyB

    New SSD msata for M14x R2

    Any standard mSATA format should work just fine. Should be plug and play
  20. MattyB

    ALienware 17 R4, No video after POST

    I think you'll need some pretty good skills to replace a BGA CPU or GPU. Not impossible though