17R5 FHD-To-QHD Screen Upgrade - Possible?

I just purchased an Alienware 17R5 from Amazon (according to the Amazon product page, it's an AW17R5-7405SLV-PUS), and I'd like to upgrade the FHD 60Hz screen it apparently comes with (I say apparently, as I haven't even physically gotten my hands on it, yet - I'm a tractor-trailer driver who's on the road, and won't be home until tomorrow night), to the QHD 120Hz screen. I already have the AU Optronics B173QTN01.4 screen (I bought it for an Acer Predator 17, but it's apparently not fully compatible with that laptop) and I ordered the WTNR3 40-pin display cable. Can I upgrade the screen and cable, and have the QHD screen function properly? I'm wondering, as this 17R5 I bought does not, I believe, have the Tobii Eye Tracker module below the screen, and I'm getting conflicting info as to whether this swap is possible or not.

Do I have the correct cable? I can't find any different 40-pin cable for QHD w/Tobii, and 40-pin cable for QHD w/o Tobii. I only see one cable for QHD screen, and a different 40-pin cable for the UHD screen.

If anyone has successfully done this type of screen upgrade, or if anyone just has info as to whether or not it's possible, and could let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it!



Apr 14, 2012
LOL nice downgrade from 4K I would not go down from 3840x 2160 to However it would not be an issue. eDP 30 pin goes with 30 pin or eDP 40Pin with 40 pin. But the UHD screen using different ribbon as it going through the intel GPU the 144hz display goes directly to nvidia g-sync. You also will losse battery life as your nv gpu will be driving the display at 144hz. In my opinion is not worth it. I gaming on 4k so far havent had issues.
The screen I'm using is a 120Hz QHD; not 144Hz. And, I would not call it a "nice downgrade". I'm successfully using the QHD screen in my 17 R5, and I've used the 4k UHD screen in my previous laptop, an Acer Predator 17 - in my opinion, the QHD screen is nearly every bit as good as the UHD screen. The only area in which the 4k screen beats the QHD is in colors being more vivid. The QHD had sharper text, and some Windows 10 apps or programs that don't scale well on the 4k screen scale better on the QHD screen. The QHD screen (at least, the revision I have, which I think is 1.3) also has a 3ms response time - far faster than the UHD screen (which I believe is as much as 30ms).

I'm very happy with my QHD screen.