2.5 year old x51 video card seems broken


New Member
Feb 11, 2013
Hi all,

I bought an x51 back in May of 2013. And it had been working great until this past summer when it started freezing up and crashing a few minutes into any game about half the time (the other half of the time, if it can get past the first few minutes, then it'll run fine for that gaming session at least). I'm pretty sure it's the graphics card, a GTX 660, since the computer only crashes while playing a game, so I tried upgrading the video drivers, then reformatting and reinstalling Windows entirely, and finally upgrading to Windows 10. None of the a software solutions have worked, so I'm thinking maybe I should look into getting the video card replaced. Anyone know what my options would be in terms of replacing/upgrading the video card (my x51 isn't under special warranty or anything).

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Steve morris

Jun 13, 2015
Maybe download afterburner to see what's happening, sounds like it could be overheating, then you could maybe pin point the error if its hardware or software related, sorry if I cut and pasted but sounds like the same problem as other post