2 or More Laptops Synced In Different Areas


Feb 4, 2012
Is there any way to connect two or more laptops in different areas of a house so that they display the same information on each one with real time updates?

So if I type a message on that same message will appear on the other laptops at the same time. Or if I open a webpage on one have that same webpage displayed on the other laptops. I do not really want to use a VPN to remotely control all at the same time.

I guess the best way to explain it is to look at it as 3 monitors with the same display copied on each one.
This is known as "Clone Computing" and it is possible. Although not very realistic. We do something very similar to this in my workplace currently, we have 1 machine that mimic's it's actions out to other virtual machines through the "cloud". It's very difficult to explain why we do this but I can tell you that it does work and is a major pain in the rear to keep it working correctly. Your best option would still be to use a program such as UltraVNC to remotely view the host PC.