2009 Alienware Area 51Questions

Hi everyone,

I've been a proud owner of a 2009 Area 51 since 2011. The PC is still going strong for most of my needs, so I don't have to much of an issue with it. However, ever since I've upgraded to Win 10, Command Center no longer works and the LEDs are intermittent. The fans are on at full blast all the time so while it stays cool, its also quite loud.

I've a couple of questions:

1. How do i get Command Center and Alien FX/ Alien Fusion to work with Win 10?

2. How do I find out the parts list for my build? The Dell website no longer keeps BOM material for my device.

3. What would be folks recommendation of motherboard upgrades that can take a 2019-2021 processor, and still use the existing HDD bays etc?



Jan 9, 2013
if you have the original x58 mthrbrd then there's no need for the registry hack

when u say neither version will 'work', what do u mean, they fail to install?, install but fail to launch? You can try to right click on the app & install in Win 7 compatibility mode (2.8.9) or win8 mode (2.8.11), see if that does it

Do u have an image or back-up saved of Win10 you can load onto an HDD, maybe see if the CmndCntr software on that version works

Make sure MIO board has 10pin power plugged in (w/ amber LED lit up / on) & MIO USB_3 connector plugged into mthrbrd USB2.0 header USB1.jpg
Hi Cass-Ole,

Was away from home the past week due to work.

I managed to install both 2.8.9 and 2.8.11. However, the attached screen shots are what I see in both instances.

On Alien FX, only the Tactx Mouse is highlighted and I'm allowed to change profiles. I don't have a TacTx keyboard connected so thats not an issue. However, the software is also saying that I don't have the Area 51 CPU as well.

As for my thermal controls, everything is just not showing any readings whatsoever.

I have yet to check the MIO board. Will do that later tonight.


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