2013 Alienware m17x potentially dying?


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Feb 23, 2015
My laptop has some problems. ...I can use some help before I start blindly trying to fix the situation.

First of all, it will randomly turn its screen off, but will still require me to shut it down (though anything with sound like a youtube video will not keep playing - it will just 'hang' on the last second of sound until I turn it off). I think this actually happens more often when I have Adobe Flash things running in Chrome, or many random tabs open, etc. (Re-opening tabs tends to do me in upon restart, so I avoid that now.)

Second, for months now, it has needed to be plugged in to operate, and its battery hasn't been charging, only slowly gone down (now to 62% over the months, or so it says in Windows 7 here). It's basically a mobile desktop.

Last but absolutely not least, it does the shut down-esque thing I described in my first point any and every time I try to play any video game for more than a minute or so. Joy of joys!

So now on to dealing with it. Mine is a 2013 Alienware m17x. All of its specs are still great...save for the hard drive. Long story, but suffice it to say Alienware got me this as a replacement to my last laptop before it, and I wasn't allowed to choose the hard drive. Let me emphasize: My HDD has ALWAYS been terrible in this laptop, ever since I got it. RAID drives, they are. I've linked them since in the hopes of a boost in speed, but the difference was negligible. So loading things has always been terrible on this laptop, and I always thought my hard drives might die really quick. I fear that might be happening here (though they aren't really any slower than they were when I got them...).

As such, I'm thinking of just replacing one of my RAID HDD's, as per the instructions of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8TBjqrxeXA . Then I can slap in an SSD and be good, is the hopeful hope. However, maybe you guys have a better idea? Or more importantly, perhaps you can tell me if these symptoms imply a deeper problem that replacing a hard drive won't fix?