3D Vision M18xR2 External Screen

Over the past couple of days I have been looking at the nVidia 3D Vision. I have been told that the M18xR2 doesn't support 3D vision, which I understand why it doesn't on the standard laptop screen but would it not work on an external screen capable of running it?

Does the HDMI/DisplayPort outputs not support this?
Just in case anyone is wondering about the 3D I tested it out on a 3D TV and yes it does work although it only does 3D movies as the TV didn't support the nVidia 3D Vision.

So if anyone has access to both 3D Vision capable screen and the M18x R2 and can test it out I think it would be interesting to know.
I no longer have a 18 mine was an R1 but this is what is stated about 3D on a 18..
• With an 18" Full HD panel you’ll be ready to game without sacrifice. The bright widescreen display gives you outstanding visibility into your game.

• Plug in to an external 3D or Full HD TV or monitor via HDMI 1.4 for a full-on, theater-style gaming and entertainment experience.
The only reason it would not work I remember something about needing to disable internal cpu graphics? maybe.