3rd motherboard. Plz advise.


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Jun 29, 2020
So I bought my r3 13 in late 2017. Everything was fine until May of 19.
Back story: bought the machine as a professional live DJ/3d video performance too. I also began to build and run a small business using it as the center of my digital workflow.
Occasionally I would preform recreationally at our door camp based "festival" style events.

What happened: the short version, someone in my camp without my permission or knowledge plugged it into a circuit powered by an un inverted gas powered generator with no earth ground. This person neglected to utilize the power surge protector which accompanied the laptop and power supply.
The laptop was bricked instantly. All under warranty I sent the machine in for repairs, it was returned in good working order, and performed fine for some time. Then it stopped working again randomly. I sent it back in under warranty where they replaced the logic board and ac wires a second time. It was again returned in working order and once again...in far less time it has died, with identical symptoms.
Now the warranty only recently expired I'm stuck with a choice of going with local repairs or paying for another year of protection and repeating the previous process.
Please anyone help me understand whats going on. Or give me opinions.
All questions or feedback deeply appreciated.