5.1 sound port issues

So i live in the dorms with a room mate, and i have a 5.1 sound system that i like to keep plugged into my laptop, unfortunately my room mate does not understand that i don't like it when he pulls the cables so he can put his ipod in. as long as the plugs stay in when my computer is in sleep or hibernation, there is no issue, but when he pulls out one of them to put his ipod in, then my computer doesn't recognize it when i plug it back in, so i have to restart my computer every time he does that if i want to listen to music. when ever the issues happen, the computer refuses to play through the 5.1 speakers or through the built in speakers. when i do plug in the cables again, it doesn't have the popup asking me what i plugged in. is there a way to fix it so that it wont do this or a workaround so i at least dont have to restart my computer every time that it happens?

I am running windows 7 home premium on the Alienware 14.