A couple of questions/problems from a new guy putting a 750 ti in an R1 X51

Hey folks. I've ran into a problem. After reading all the good stuff about the new 750 ti's, I purchased one of the EVGA brand cards. I followed the proper steps (first timer here) to switch out the card with my 555. When I hooked everything back up and tried to boot, I got the Alienware log-in BIOS screen, but was unable to use it in any way. This was while attached via HDMI to the card itself. When I tried the onboard HDMI, I received a blank screen and five beeps. There was someone else who experienced the exact same problem, but I can't seem to find the post.

Anyway, I tried going back to the 555, but now I'm stuck there as well. It seems to be running fine, but I can't get any visual feedback to tell. I'm not hooked to the HDMI port of the card (don't have a mini, and the EVGA had a full size HDMI), so I'm hooked up via the onboard. But the x51 doesn't show anything on the screen until Windows starts booting if you are hooked to a monitor this way, so I'm assuming I'm being prompted to choose some options. I'm a bit at a loss and a little annoyed right now, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Okay, thanks for the reply. That could very well be the problem, as I'm reading some other posters having the same issues. I'm gonna keep researching. I'll probably give Dell a call soon, as I've read that they can update a BIOS remotely. That is, of course, after my mini HDMI to HDMI cord arrives so I can see if everything still works in the first place.
Chek your bios.... you can allegedly override that by enabling EVGA Precision's K-Boost (according to some people on the Geforce forum).