A DayZ story from last night


Feb 2, 2012
This happened last night while me and my buddy BigDog were playing....

This guy (DuckMan) who had a chopper was coming to Electro to pick up another player (a TR Clan player)... When he landed, a guy (another TR Clan player) who was already in the chopper jumped out and shot the pilot in order to steal the chopper for himself and the guy they went to go pick up. Then BigDog came out of nowhere and jumped in the chopper and stole it. Everyone was like WTF just happened! BigDog took the chopper to another place on the map to hide it for us to use later, BUT little did he know the pilot's wife was also playing and was sitting in the chopper the whole time. When BigDog landed, she jumped out and killed him. The pilot and his wife took control of the chopper again. It was some great stuff!