A new Alienware owner

Well just bought my first Alienware 14 computer 3 hours ago and hope to mostly use it for programming and some gaming. I am hoping without SSD that it will be pretty fast. I will upgrade to SSD once I figure out what type os SSD it takes. Hopefully get it before Christmas day. I will probably be dual booting this thing with Linux too. Will just have to wait and see.
Hi and welcome aboard :) And here's hoping you get to spend Christmas day with your new baby :) The SSD is nice and quick but even without it yours will still be pretty fast. What version of Windows will you be running? My Win 8 pro setup on the SSD hits the logon screen in 9 seconds (including the bios post) after pressing the power switch :) It hits the start screen about 2 seconds after entering my user name and password :) The Windows desktop is fully settled in stable (no more hourglass/pointer stuff) about 5 seconds later. From what I can gather, this would take between 30 and 40 seconds with a clean install on a mechanical drive.