Accelero Hybrid (Closed Loop GPU Liquid Cooling/Fan Hybrid)


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA




I got an awesome deal on one of these units so I pulled the trigger.
Im not one for Liquid cooling, mainly because Im lazy and dont like to have parts in my computer that require regular maintenance. But a closed loop system is a different story :cool:

Going to install this on my GTX 680 and make a tutorial vid. ;)

Here are the specs on the unit


I know that custom loops/ full GPU blocks are way better than these closed loop/hybrid systems, but for $70 I couldnt say no :)


Manufactures website:
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When I was in the market for a liquid set up I saw that guy, I personally thing it's ugly looking, but you won't even see the majority of it since cards face down. I'm positive that it'll do the job though.
Too bad Corsair hasn't come up with a GPU solution yet. The H100 is a fantastic CPU cooler by itself and could easily take on a GPU.