Adding SSD can I


Nov 3, 2013
Can I use a caddy(convert to 2.5) to convert existing HD bay and use only the existing Sata and power cables that the original HD is now using.
Please note I will not be using the original HD after this setup.


I think I need to do a clean install of windows 10, as I now have random power starts and mouse freezing, along with strange graphic glitches.

so Now would be a good time to try out a ssd and see if that will solve my current issues.

Jerry Huang

Dec 27, 2015
Yes, it should work but it also depends on the caddy being used coz the Sata data and power connection sticks at the bottom of the case and you might need to unscrew the bracket which holding the connector. I'm actually planing to install dual 850 pro 1tb by using the caddy and splitter as the 2nd and 3rd SSD whilst having my 950 pro 512gb as the main one. Will share once I done so.
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