Advice for potential x51 purchase

I am wanting to put together a powerful x51 system. I am looking to spend around $900 or so. I have a few options and wanted to get some advice. I could just get an R2 i7 GTX760 for around $900 on ebay and thats it. Or I could get a R2 i5 system for around $500-$600. Then get a $100 330w AC Adapter, and then $200 on a GTX960 or maybe go ahead and spring for the GTX 970. The difference is the i5 vs. i7. I have an i7 in my gaming laptop now that I am selling and everything I read seems to point to the hyoerthreading that is in an i7 vs not in a i5 is not really needed for gaming.

So would you get the i5 and upgrade it to a 960/970 or just get the i7 with the 760?


New Member
Jan 25, 2015

I would get the x51 r2 with the i5 processor. Then my next purchase would be a 330 watt power supply with a PNY gtx 970. Thats show run you about 1030 dollars. A little over budget but that's what I suggest.