Advice on 18 purchase

Hi all
I'm about to buy an Alienware 18 and could do with some help with the specs so any advice would be welcomed. I will be keeping this laptop pretty much 100% for gaming and using other computers I have for the boring work stuff.

My questions are:

Will I notice the difference between 4900 and 4800 CPU?

Will I notice the difference between the 7800 and 7700 GPUs?

What is the best operating system to buy with the machine?

My plan is to get the 4900 cpu and the 7800 gpus with 16GB RAM and the standard Hard drive (1TB with 64GB SATA). I was thinking about windows 8.1 but have a hunch that 7 would be better.

Any advice at all on these spec choices and whether I will notice the difference in the specs would be appreciated. Especially welcomed are comments like "What has made a huge difference to my 18 has been ..."

This is a lot of dough I'm splashing so I want to get the initial build right :eek:

The Rog


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You really won't notice any difference in CPUs. Especially since it's only going to be used for gaming. They are both super fast. If you did notice the difference you should be scientifically studied for super powers! :)

The GPU's are a different story though in my opinion. While you will still get great results from 2 x 770M's, the 780M's are definitely the way to go and will serve you better as time goes on compared to the cheaper cards. Saying that though, you can always save the money now and upgrade to next gen GPU's later on. I would go for the 780s though.

I would also invest in a decent SSD (256Gb or higher). Buying one later will be cheaper than getting it from Dell but it will mean reinstalling you OS and drivers. I definitely prefer Windows 7 but 8 is nice and quick. I just haven't used it much.

Good luck with the purchase! Waiting for it to arrive is one of the hardest things to deal with.
I agree with MattyB any of the cpu's will work fine they are fast enough not to bottle neck. Ram is fine you won't use 16g's in gaming barely 3 or 4 for like BF4. I like win7hp for gaming less driver problems.Just me. You can always migrate the OS onto the mSata and put accouple mmo's with it that's what I did works great that way I don't waste all that storage on just the OS. You will have a beastly machine there and pretty much future poof enjoy!
If you can afford the 780s then do it - they'll be far more future proofed and are a monster of a setup :D The 4800 is slower but I doubt you'd even know the difference. I went with the 4900 but kind of wished I'd saved the money it cost to do so and had the 4800 instead.

I have Win 8 Pro and the only game I can't get to work is the first Borderlands. Everything else just works :) I'd say go with 7 though if you're not sure and haven't used 8 before. You can always upgrade your OS at a later point in time :)