After Having Not Played...


Feb 4, 2012
So I have been away from MP (aside form bots) for 3 - 5 months the long discrepancy is because I am so apathetic toward the game/franchise that I could probably be away from it for a year and think I was just playing it a few weeks ago.

Anyway it appears that there have been some changes to my favorite weapons. The MP7 and the PDW do not seem to be as accurate as they used to be but I think that was just hip fire. One good thing to note is it seems as if AR's have received a little buff as I saw more people playing with them. Or it could just be my imagination.

Any other nerfs or buffs that you all can fill me in on? Preferably PC because I do not think the same nerfs buffs apply across the board or maybe they do.

I played 5 rounds and realized the game is still a head glitch camp fest with dbag players but I had not expected this to lessen though I really had not expected it to get worse... yet it has.