AlienFX/Command Center/.NET Framework Errors


Jun 12, 2014
Good Evening,

Used M15X laptop, running Windows 10. AlienFX isn't working, gives errors at start up and when opening command center shows no options/colors/anything when going to AlienFX option.

I have attached pictures of the errors. Things I have done:

1. Installed all Windows Updates.
2. Followed all the steps and properly uninstalled and reinstalled command center.
3. Tried running in compatibility modes.
4. Went into Windows Functions Menu and made sure all .NET Framework options were enabled.

BTW, if I leave Command Center uninstalled the errors go away completely.

I am at a loss, any help would be appreciated.

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Jul 29, 2018
I have the same problem on windows 10 32 bit no command center comparable I m testing to fix the proble I try windows 10 64 bit it work but no color when I open it I select some area and light change but I can’t see any color to select I click it randomly I will post a solution also when I installed windows 10 on 64 and 32 bit If the Rg45 cable is no plug the installation of windows 10 stop or pouse I restarted with the cable and it work.


Aug 10, 2016
This may sound weird, however I discovered something while having an Issue with my Alienware Control Center (The version for just periphrials) Command Center has taken a new step into phasing out old machines, The new windows 10 version (4.0+) I think runs soley on windows 10 and only applies to newer triad+ machines, make sure you’re using the correct version. It can be found from>Support>View All Support>Enter From List of Products>Laptops>Alienware>Legacy Models>M15X R1/R2. Good Luck, -Andrew
Edit: Didnt mean to zombify this thread. I didnt read the dates sorry.
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