AlienFX confusion


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May 13, 2016
I am so confused, and REALLY mad about signup for this site

I just received my Alienware x51 R3
I went through and logged into steam and downloaded all my games, then it came to my attention;
I can change the colors on the desktop
After messing around, i was told i could make the colors flash and i replied i can't
I did some digging around
found this is a zone.htm
did NOT help.
As well found this
Again, did NOT help
I looked down into the comments
Install the drivers for the alienware command center. I did so, nothing changed
so i got REALLY mad at this point because i wanted the colors to go through the spectrum.
i cant add special modes like the gradient one or pulse, and i can only add one color, unless it's triggered by a new email or application, but that's not what i want, i want it to always be changing,
and that's how I arrived here, wanting help from fellow owners, because i am really mad about this.

I want help ASAP
Oh and sorry about this not being grammatically correct as well :\