AlienFX LightSystem in new Alienware 17 laptop question


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Nov 24, 2013
HI :)
I want to buy a new Alienware 17 laptop but i have one question.
I want to use this machine not only for gaming , but also for work and office presentations.
And my question is: Can I completly turn OFF lighting system ? Especialy the ALIENWARE light label under the display and any other led base lights .
The second question is Keyboard... I`m writing a lot of artilces and documents for school and office , and my question is: It`s really good keyboard for every day typing ?
Its very important to me, and i`m would be very greatfull for any answers .
Thank you AlienWare Owners :)

(sorry for my english im still learning this language...:)


Dec 26, 2012
welcome to the club I myself don't have the new m17x I have the m17xR4 and on mine you can knock off most of the lights but if its just you don't want a disco going on at work you can dim the remaining lights right down and just change them to a solid white or a colour that camouflage's the bling. The only thing I can suggest is reading the manual on the dell support site if you don't get an answer from somebody with the new m17 which I will be amazed if someone doesn't as their is a lot of helpful people on here. I hope you get the info needed and join the ranks


Sep 26, 2013
As tolitsaso stated you can turn off the track pad in the bios if you really don't want to see it. Or you can go into your alienfx settings and just turn the LED's for each item you don't want to see to black, that will shut them down. There are some LED's that are tied into others, such as the alien head on the cover and the lines, you can't control those separately. But if you don't like the LED under the LCD on , then just go into your Alienfx, select that particular logo and select black and then hit apply :)