alienfx plugin for wmp does'nt work and for winamp not working very well.


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Jun 24, 2014
United Kingdom
I can't use the amp plugin, in the wmp i can see the alienfx plugin but i cant chose it and the option cant be clicked.

in winamp the plugin is working but there is just ringht side keyboard work. this is the result of light test.
New Alienfx Device
Model description: alienware 17
Leds still on: power botton
Led 0x1: on
Led 0x2: on
Led 0x4: on
Led 0x8: on
Led 0x20: on
Led 0x40: on
Led 0x80: on
Led 0x100: on
Led 0x200: on
Led 0x800: on

could you send me a well-woking plugin? both for wmp and winamp
thank you