Alienrespawn issues...


Jan 21, 2013
Aloha guys.....I have my m17xr4 which still runs great. However since I got it back from dell last august, when I do my backups, they are done like they are supposed to, but...

It seems when I plug in my USB external drive, it will delete my last backup for some reason.
It seems if I run alienrespawn, then plug in the ext drive it seems fine no issues. But files deleting by them selves isn't right...

Any help would be good, or anyone having the issue before.

Yes I know how to operate alienrespawn, so any mod trying to pass off the how to manual, can keep walking. I don't need to know how to operate this simplistic program.

I am not ignorant to components, specialized programs and parts. But I cannot determine why alienrespawn is deleting my most recent backups.