alienware 13 or 14?

hello, i have a 17 but i want a smaller alienware to carry around. would the 14 be suitable or the new 13? i am looking for big performance in a small package. here are the specs

processor: intel i7 4700mq 2.5 ghz
grapics card: nvidia gtx 765m
storage: 1000 gb 5,400 hard drive + 256 ssd
os: windows 8.1
ram:16 gigabytes

processor: intel i7 5500u 2.4 ghz
graphics card: nvidia gtx 860m
graphics amplifier: nvidia gtx 980 or titan z
storage: 256 gigabytes ssd
os: windows 8.1
ram: 16 gigabytes

thank you for replying;)