Alienware 13 R3 GTX 1060 OC


New Member
Jul 3, 2019
I have this laptop a week now with GTX 1060 and OLED screen.Retailer stated this model GTX 1060 overclocked at factory and states "GTX1060 OC" in Dell supportassist configuration tool.Any way to find out exactly how much it was overclocked? I downloaded a few benchmark programs but never used them before so not sure exactly what figure I should be looking at.I have included a few initial benchmarks below Firestrike 9503... Firestrike extreme... 5036....Time spy 3762 PCmark 10 ..2995.When I open benchmark programs it states 1405 MHz but I would have thought it should list overclocked Mhz. Quite sure 1405MHz is default 1060 Mhz.Could be wrong though. Any help appreciated.Specs include i7-770HQ CPU. 16 GB ddr4 (2 X8) 512 GB ssd.Dell are telling me the R3 1060 is not overclocked despite me showing them screenshot saying otherwise ."Please be informed that Alienware 13R3 where not sold as pre-overclocked nor as OC ready systems. "
Anyone confirm before I pack up R3 for a refund?