alienware 14 crashes


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Dec 14, 2014
My alienware14 is almost 5 months old
I7 8gb rams andgeforce gt 750m 1gb
Just few days ago, and while playing videogames, I heard noise from inside the laptop ( I guess its hdd) and everything stops working, I can move the mouse alt tab between running apps but I cant open anything else or ctrl+alt delete, nothing but press shutdown button with tears.
Anyone can help me with this please?
Sorry for late reply. But it seems like a hard drive error. dells hard drives are known to be bad. but at least they are fast. I suggest contacting customer support BUT THE BETTER OPTION would to buy a 1TB Msata laptop hard drive and put it in the laptop and reinstall windows DON'T WORRY HARD DRIVES ARE EASY TO FIX i just did it today took me about 10 minutes