Alienware 14 Idle temperatures

I'm just wondering what idle temperatures other Alienware 14 owners are getting.

My laptop idles at around 55-60 degrees C, which is around the same temperature as my Aurora PC under full load. This is inside a room with an ambient temperature of around 20 degrees C.

Maybe this is perfectly normal, as I'm not having any other issues with the laptop.

Does anyone use a laptop cooling pad under their machine and does it help?
Glad someone else was having this problem - I thought I was the only one.

My Alienware 14 used to preform extremely well when I first got it for the first few months - no overheating, no throttling whatsoever. Now it's.. different.

My idle temperature is the same as yours (55 - 63) when apparently it's supposed to be 30 - 40. When gaming, it's even worse, 80 - 95+. And I have a cooling pad under my machine. There's no dust in my fan and I've done all the troubleshooting, but I can't seem to solve the problem. The only thing I really have left to do is repasting, which I'm hoping fixes the problem.