Alienware 15 R2 Format Issues


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Aug 22, 2016
Hey Guys,

Though I have been tinkering with devices as long as I can remember, I am getting a little stumped here. Prior to this I had an old Dell inspiron which booted with a Legacy mode, so UEFI, Secure Boot and Dual Storage devices are a little new to me.

My Device Config

Alienware 15 R2

- Intel i7 6700HQ

- GTX 970M

- Disk 0 - HGST 1 TB - HDD - Storage Disk

- Disk 1 - Samsung PM951 - SSD - 256 GB - Boot Disk with Windows 10

(The Disk no. are as it is listed in the BIOS)

So my device came with Windows 10 and I want to clean install Windows 10, for various reasons. After finally learning to make a bootable UEFI pendrive, I could not view my SSD in my windows installation unless I changed my SATA Operation in the BIOS to AHCI from RAID, ofcourse I could try to install it on this mode but as per my understanding I would not be able to go back to RAID mode, which is the preferable one.

Now many of you would have similar setups and would have re installed windows, could you please enumerate the steps that you follow or I am missing out.

Thanks in Advance!