Alienware 17 (2013) keyboard not working


New Member
Jun 29, 2015
So last night I spilled coffee on my open, and on at the time, Alienware 17 (2013) :(

I immediately cut the power, turned it upside down, etc. and then took it apart to see how far the liquid spread. It seemed to only be on the keyboard as no other parts (drives, MOBO, RAM, etc.) were wet. I cleaned up the keyboard as best I could, put it back together and then let it dry over night. I turned it on tonight and while the computer itself works just fine, the keyboard does not. I could only use the laptop by plugging in an external mouse and keyboard.

Now, it's very possible I didn't reconnect something properly when putting it all bag together. So my question is, how do I know if the keyboard not working is because of the spilled coffee or because I didn't connect something? For what it's worth, the power button does work, as does the LED lighting on/around it (no LED lighting appears on the actual keys or touchpad, though).

Finally, if the coffee fried the keyboard where can I get a replacement? I've tried googling it but every result I've been finding has been for the M17X varieties.