Alienware 17 Alienfx and literally all the lights on my laptop stopped working


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Sep 8, 2016
Hi guys,

So basically the issue i have is pretty much as given in the heading of the post. My laptop is the Alienware 17 r2 2015 edition . I just love the laptop and its a beast and the whole laptop in general was working perfectly. One fine day the Alienfx lights stopped working. Literally all the lights including the LED in the power button etc all just stopped working completely. Performance wise the laptop is in top notch condition with everything else working. Only the lights dont seem to work. I took it to dell and they made me waste like a month of my time with my laptop being there and they said that my motherboard was faulty. I uninstalled the command centre and was using it normally. Then suddely the lights popped up and was stuck in one colour. The lights were there for about 10 mins before going out again. I reinstalled the Command centre again. But now in the tray below i saw the litte "alien" head with its red eyes but when i wanted to "go light" that option wasnt even there. So i went to the Alienfxtester and a message popped up saying that " No board Detected" . I just have no clue whats happening. It was working fine one moment and the next moment the lights wont even come on . Please someone help me out. I paid a lot of money for this laptop and its sad how dell even does a shitty job with customer service. If there is anyone who can help me out and get the laptop back in its original glory it would mean a lot.

Also just for information sake, all drivers and bios was updated from the dell website and a system check on bios showed no errors and everything was normal.So i am confused as to why dell would say its a faulty motherboard when no errors have ever shown up yet. Plus another friend of mine who had the same issue told me it might be a software issue. I have resintalled the OS multiple times to no avail . Please someone help me out. Would love to hear from you guys.




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Oct 5, 2020
I had this issue with the Alienware Logo at the bottom the the display. In the end I had to replace the little board in the rear of the display to get it working. Picked the replacement up pretty cheap and worked a charm.