Alienware 17 i4710hq turbo


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Mar 2, 2015
Good morning,
I just recieved an Alienware 17 laptop. Specs are:
16 gig ram
windows 8
1tb + 128 SSD
My question is about the turbo process and how its activated and/or if I have to enable it. I have been doing a ton of research about this but cant seem to find a solid answer.
. The i7 4710hq sits at 2.4 Ghz (goes to 3.5 if Turbo).

. With the Alienware graphics Amplifier it automatically gets boosted to the 3.5 rating. I did not opt to buy it because of budget at the time.

. According to intels website, wiki and a few more tech forums I have come across. The i7 4710hq will automatically boost itself to or close to the 3.5 if need be.

Under the BIOS settings it showed it <enabled> to turbo whenever a graphics amplifier is plugged in and showed a specific set of options pertaining to the graphicis amplifier. But it only shows these turbo options for the graphics amplifier.

Right below those set of options mentions an option for Intel CPU overclocking over ride and it shows it being <disabled>. Do I need to enable this for in order for the Turbo to be active? Or is this something different entirely?

Thank you

I also posted this on the actual Dell forum in case anyone comes across it there but it seemed not much feedback happens there.