Alienware 17 laptop Reinstalled Software from original disks.. WTF!!!


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Jun 4, 2014
New York
Bought my 17 late december right before they came out with new upgraded graphics cards :mad:

so i used it for a couple of months i loved it.. battlefield 4 running with the 780m is beautiful. so some registry things got messed up somehow and i basically had to reinstall it. I did with the original cds and now my computer is complete S**t.

boots up much slower than before when i first got it factory.
bf4 lags and whatnot...
wifi takes forever to connect when first booting up the laptop.

& ALMOST FORGOT. the original cd given by alienware to install the applications and software are outdated crap. literally. Very dissapointed in that.

Basically my machine is great... but after i reinstalled it, everything kind of just went south performace wise and i dont know what to do.Please dont tell me to send it back or w.e. im a student im abroad now and i dont wanna send this costly thing, takes too much time!


16gb ram
750 hard drive
780m 4gb


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
After installing all the drivers from the CD did you go onto the Dell site to get them all updated?
The CD's are always out of date. When I reinstall Windows I never use the Driver CD. Just go straight to Dell and use the latest ones first.
Your NVidia driver should also come straight from NVidia too. Even the one Dell uses on it's site is way out of date usually.