Alienware 17 R2 Keyboard Problems


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Dec 28, 2015
So I recently received a new Alienware R2 laptop for Christmas. It looked stunning and couldn't wait to use it. A day later and already I was having some issues. The N key would input nw at the same time and the W key would do the same. I didn't know whether it was because it was a Windows 10 native born laptop or because it was just a hardware issue. Eventually it fixed itself was fully functional. A two days later, the same issue occurred but not just with the N and W keys, but with the B and O keys where they would input bo when typed. Also with the 3 and 9 keys where they would input 39 when typed. The spacebar and period would input a space then a period( for example: " ."). I got worried and decided that I should find some help and here I am. If anyone knows about this or is facing the same problem, do you know any way to fix this?
The keys that work improperly are: NWBO394.spacebar.
BTW I was lucky enough to type this with my Alienware without any issues. Everything is fine except those keys and sometimes my trackpad disables itself by itself and I have to manually turn it back on.

Please help and if you know any solution please tell me. Thank you and happy New Years!


Jun 11, 2015
Even if this is an old post, I'll share some knowledge as I know from experience for anyone who wanders in here from Google.

There was a production issue with the 17R2 keyboards that caused all sorts of weird problems, from keys completely failing to squeaking on keypress to zones not lighting up at all. They entire keyboard needed to be replaced with a new production run of the keyboard. If you have any of these issues and you still have a warranty, set up an RMA with Dell and have the keyboard replaced.