Alienware 17 R3 Game Suddenly Struggling With FPS

Stevi g

New Member
Aug 12, 2017
I have an alienware 17 r3 (bought in march 2016) with i7 6820hk processor, gtx 980m 8 gb, 16 gb ram and 128 gb ssd+1tb hdd. Up until few daayswas able to run any game in ultra/high settings with atleast 45 fps easily and smoothly. Now my games struggle at some points in the game and I get 23-33 fps in games. I was playing Batman Arkham Knight all settings maxed out w/ Gameworks and would get solid 60 FPS and now suddenly I get only 23-33 fps with the same settings. I dont use the laptop for long periods of time. My default card for 3D apps is 980m and the power management for the battery and in nvidia control panel are set for maximum performance, there has been no change in my settings and yet suddenly my laptop is playing games at 23-33 fps.

Help would be appreciated.