Alienware 17 R3 Killer Network Fix


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Jul 14, 2016
I just recently bought a Alienware 17 R3 from the Microsoft Store with the GTX 980m and 4k screen for 1799.99 but I have had spotty and sometimes completely non existent wireless service. The wired connection worked fine. So I been browsing forums and seen some people card have been swapped for the intel network adapter. Thankfully, I found a software fix by downloading the latest Killer Suite Software and drivers.
Info will be in the picture.

Thanks and have a great day.

First pic has the software version in lower right

Second pic is my wireless speeds on a 75/25 wired Comcast blast package.

Also forgot to mention to turn off bandwidth control in the menu in killer network.


  • killer suite fix.PNG
    killer suite fix.PNG
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  • killer wireless after suite.PNG
    killer wireless after suite.PNG
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